In our more than 15 years of experience, we managed a simplification of implementation steps for security solutions, providing enhanced security of the implementation of contracted projects. We designed the workflow so that your premises benefit from maximum safety without a rebate from quality.

Perfect inter-department coordination translates to a minimisation of installation times of the proposed security solution, without disturbing the client’s current activity.


The technical team travels to any location to make measurements and evaluate the risk of any room included in the project. Based on these collected data, our engineers propose the implementation plan together with the technical specifications of equipment.


Regardless of the security solution selected for your facility, it shall require a solid infrastructure to be able to operate at optimal parameters. The first stage of the project involves the cabling of communication mains between peripherals and the central unit.

Putting into operation

Prior to commissioning of the security solution, last checks are made to make sure that everything is executed at standards endorsed by us. The following stage is the programming of central units according to specifications in the presented project.