Permanently in control!

A high-performance control access system enhances the security level of premises from a particular perimeter, together with goods in the respective premises. You will be able to set customised access rights, favouring proper monitoring of activity. You can decide who, when, and where a particular space can be accessed.

Online control

Operations are monitored in a centralised manner, in real time. They can be integrated with management software currently used.

Access rights

Visitors and/or staff can be assigned access rights in restricted areas, and cleaning staff can receive the right to access rooms a single time a day and in particular time ranges.

Consumption effectiveness

The energy economiser allows you to control lighting fixtures from rooms or premises in a grouped manner or to switch off simultaneously an entire group of lights.


yala-bigAccess control systems can be local systems or online monitoring systems.

A local system consists of electromagnetic locks installed directly on the door, which allows the reading of access cards. Only valid cards can open the protected enclosure. At the same time, cards can be introduced in the energy economiser to unlock access to the supply of electricity.

Cards can be programmed to provide access for a limited period in particular locations where the holder performs activities.

cititor-bigParticularly useful in the hotel business, the access card can be used to download data for the preparation of the customer’s bill, if the customer used payment services.

Online monitored access control systems allow the visualisation in real time of activities in enclosures with restricted traffic. Functionality can be extended with electronic tally with the possibility to export data in ERP applications.