An intelligent solution must solve all problems without generating others. Given the quality of design, careful attention to details and maintenance effectiveness, we provide minimum shutdown times. We carefully schedule the project stages to obtain a minimum implementation duration.

Our customers’ safety is paramount. All our projects are engineered with safety first in mind, but focused on budget and equipment quality. Our vast experience allows us to implement solutions based on the last innovations and technologies in the field.

With more than 15 years of experience, Royal Security provides customer satisfaction in a responsible and transparent work manner. 2 Designers, 8 Technicians and 2 Project Managers are permanently available to provide you with customised solutions.

ISO 9001 – Warranty for the quality of our services
OHSAS 18001 – Because our employees’ safety is important
ISO 27001 – Because our clients’ information safety is paramount

Absolutely all of our projects are in agreement with legislative regulations in force. We are licenced by IGPR for the design, installation and maintenance of anti-theft systems.
We are licenced by the ISU (Inspectorate for Emergency Situations) for the design, installation and maintenance of alarming, signalling and warning systems in case of fire.

Video surveillance

Video surveillance is the most important monitoring instrument both for prevention and for intervention.

Fire warning, detection and extinguishing systems

Early warning means early intervention. This may save endangered lives.

Access control

Protection of restricted areas and access control translates to safety and efficiency.

Anti-theft alarm

Your assets are safe even when no one is at the premises.